Robotics Training

by Arran on

Robot is a great invention which is very hard to replace with anything. Everyone knows, a robot is capable of doing anything without human intervention (automatically), but requires human knowledge to build it.

The word ‘Robot’ was first derived by Karel Capek from Czech language ‘Robota’ which means slave or forced labor. Isaac Asimov, a biotechnological professor, wrote a book called ‘iRobot,’ and he stated three important laws which are accepted and still followed by all robot developers.

There were quite astonishing inventions in industrial and household applications in 19th century, but robots weren’t popular. After the appearance of robots in films, everyone came to know about robots and its capabilities.

George Devol developed world’s first industrial robot ‘UNIMATE’ in 1961 and used in General Motors Assembly line.

Now robots are slowly entering into everyone’s house in the form of automation. A robot doesn’t need to look like a human, it can be in any shape and its only work is to do what we order. Robots are almost used in all fields like industries, houses, militaries, etc. and each will be developed as per the requirement of the application.

iRobot Corporation, a well-known robotics company located in US, has sold millions of floor cleaning robots. 

Each day, robotics education is getting better and better. All major cities in the world have good robotics training and robotics workshop companies. Robotics is an emerging field and it is a combination of three major departments: Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, and Computer. Mechatronics Engineers will be best peoples to work with robots as they have good knowledge in all the above departments.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is one of the top colleges to get your graduation in Robotics.

Written by: Arran