What Should I Study for my Robotics Career?

by Arran on

Robotics is the study of automated machines, robots and other electronic resources. Robotic engineer don’t have a specific path for their goal like other professions such as doctors, teachers and engineers. They have to gather a little knowledge of everything related to science such as electronics, bio-technology, computer science and manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and designing.

Plan before high school

If you really want to be in robotics career, start from the very beginning of high school study. Choose the subjects that are helpful in building your career in robotics. You need to select science and mathematics subjects. Some of the important subjects to choose are mathematics and physics. Make your attentions more towards electronics, electrical circuits, energy and material science in the subject of Physics. In Mathematics you need to have command in Algebra, geometry and trigonometry. You also need to have some biotechnology knowledge.

Important subjects to know about in robotics

Listed are some of the important subjects whose knowledge is required to pursue robotics career. These subjects help students in gaining robotics training. If they learn something about these subjects in advance, they will not need to face any difficulty in his robotics training and career.

Computing and Programming: Having knowledge about computing and programming is a vital part of robotics. If you are going to choose robotics as your career, you need to make Computer Science and Information Technology as your subjects. These subjects teach you about computing and programming.

Design and Technology: You must be skilled in design and technology for career in Robotics. These subjects help in developing your practical knowledge which is a vital factor of robotics.

Specific Engineering Disciplines: Some schools benefit their students by providing them specific engineering disciplines like Automotive, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering.

Choosing a right degree for Robotics

Being a newbie to the college or university, you are not known about the courses to apply for your graduate degree. For all those who wander for appropriate degree to move a step ahead to their robotics career, we have provided the solution for you.

You can have two options:

• Bachelor’s degree
• Master’s degree

Bachelor’s degree in Electronics engineering or Mechanical engineering is necessary for anyone to continue his/her career in robotics. Some universities also offer 5 years degree courses including bachelor and master’s degree both. This course will concentrate on all the three core areas required for robotics career. One more course that you can pursue for robotics is master’s degree in robotics.

Study of structure of a robot

A robot is an automated machine designed by human to make their life better. Robots are programmed to do heavy works, dangerous works that a human cannot do. Robot mainly has three parts to focus on:

1) Body of Robot: This part consists of design of robot. It includes all the knowledge about the physical appearance of the robot. How it looks, what material is used. All this study is done in mechanical engineering in which topics such as mechanics, manufacturing and material engineering are included.

2) Nervous System of Robotics: To be mastered in this part of robotics, you need to have your course study done in electrical and electronic engineering. In this part you come to know about basic electronics, surrounded systems and low-level programming.

3) Brain of Robotics: People often studying computer sciences have the knowledge about programming. Many of the folks start developing their interest in robotics field and pursue their career with robotics. For robotics, you need to master in computer science in order to program a robot.

Approaching Robotics Institutes:

You can even opt for a robotics training institute to gain more knowledge on the robotics field. Selecting a best robotics institute can provide you practical, application, and research knowledge.

To have a successful career in robotics, you need to develop your skills in every field relating to robotics. Being a human, you cannot excel in all the fields related to robotics but having being knowledgeable about these fields will step forward towards your successful career in robotics. This will lead you to specialize in the core areas of robotics such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and computer science. A great learner will always lead to a path to success. To achieve success in robotics you must be multi-skilled in all the above categories and subfields.

Written by: Arran